Frederick City’s drinking water

A fully vegetated bank along a stream and pond.

A fully vegetated bank protecting the clean water in a stream and pond.

READ THE REPORT…make the connection between silted or dirty streams and your drinking water contamination.


During the coming year FoFC will be working many avenues to help citizens understand the link between healthy streams and creeks and their own health.  Our goal is to teach people that their tap water comes from our streams, creeks and rivers.  Public drinking water is “purified” by using chlorine.  If the water is polluted with mud (runoff from barren stream banks or trampled areas around creeks) then chlorine mixes with it and forms disinfectant bi-products that are harmful to our health.  Read this report on Frederick City Drinking Water Contamination to understand the problem with the source water, how it can impact our families and public health;  note at the end of the report the recommendations for change.  We encourage you to talk to your elected officials if you too have concerns.