Take a photo to show us the pretty and the worrisome. Send it to us – and there’s an app for that!




Adopt a 2×3 mile grid.  Drive the roads in the grid and take a look at stream condition wherever the stream crosses the road.

      • Do you see a place where people are dumping trash or chemicals into a stream?
      • Do you see cows in a stream?
      • Do you see manure piles near a stream?
      • Do you see barren ground on construction sites?
      • Do you see eroded stream banks without any vegetation?

The Potomac Riverkeepers has provided a helpful explanation of what to look for..

Before you go out read one of these two links so you know what to do:

Do you have a smart phone?  use an app to record your location, notes and to take photos (link)

For those without smart phones:  take photos with a camera or phone and register them online (link)


Contact us now about joining our team of  “Water Watchers” :

You can also take photos of beautiful stream sites – in fact we hope that you do!

The information that you collect will go into a (Chesapeake Commons) database.  We look over all the records and photos that volunteers collect and when deemed actionable, we will pass along your observations to enforcement agencies for Frederick City, Frederick County and Maryland state, and to other watershed groups and partners who will help solve the pollution problems..