Monrovia Town Center and the Remand Order

When things do not seem to make sense, something usually is amiss. Land Use Attorney, Michele Rosenfeld, offers the essence of the remand order in her letter to County Council President, Bud Otis. Her letter helps to clarify the importance of looking at all the facts and understanding the importance of the administrative record. Attorney Rosenfeld, […]

Discussion of public/private partnerships and who will pay for infrastructure?

Join the discussion group and ask questions, share you views and concerns! Click here.

2-21-12 Public Hearing: Will the BOCC give developers, lobbyists/lawyers the power to negotiate the adequacy of our schools and roads?

Public Hearing tonight: 2/21 @ 7PM The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is in the process of rezoning up to 15,000 acres of farmland and open space in Frederick County for development. In the past when projects enter the development process Frederick County has relied on a local ordinance to help protect all citizens from […]

BOCC votes 3-1 to eliminate tax that funds bridge repair and roads

Frederick County Commissioners cut excise tax rate to zero Originally published November 02, 2011 By Bethany Rodgers A Tuesday decision by the Frederick County Commissioners will leave local builders with one less fee to worry about and the county with one less source of funding for bridge and road expansion.In a 3-1 vote, the commissioners […]

FoFC weighs in on PlanMaryland (Baltimore Sun 9/25/11)

PlanMaryland: an easy sell to taxpayers Maryland Planning Secretary Richard Hall is on the right track with PlanMaryland, as he and his staff are working to develop a strategic development plan to accommodate the million-plus people that will move into our state in the future (“High cost of sprawl should not be ignored,” Sept. 23). […]

FNP Sprawl Poll Results: 70% in favor of state intervention to prevent sprawl

Frederick News Post “Sprawl” Poll Results: 09/14/11 – 09/16/11 Do you believe the state should step into Frederick County’s revision of the comprehensive plan to prevent sprawl? Yes 70% No 29% Not sure 1% Total Votes: 80   Read about sprawling plans for Frederick County. .

FNP: Commissioners ease Frederick County road improvement requirements

  Commissioners ease Frederick County road improvement requirements Originally published September 07, 2011  By Bethany Rodgers Frederick County commissioners Tuesday evening voted to ease portions of a law requiring builders to shoulder some financial burden for the increased traffic flow their developments would bring to area roads.Commissioners President Blaine Young said the changes would help […]

Facts about the 194 rezoning applications under review by Young Board of County Commissioners

Since FoFC did this analysis the county has made some changes to the parcel sizes to be rezoned.  Click here for a memo from the Frederick County Community Development Division summarizing those changes.  FoFC has not yet revisited our analysis.  

Strong Towns Curbside Chat

This Curbside Chat text came from the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Blog Site.. Charles Marohn: Strong Towns      Curbside Chat The mission of Strong Towns is to support a model for growth that allows America’s towns to become financially strong and resilient. With foreclosures at record highs competition is high and housing values low. […]

03-16-2011 Strong Towns’ speaker coming to Frederick

Friends of Frederick County is brings guest speaker, Charles Marohn ( , Strong Towns to Frederick to talk about the cost of growth and development.  Strong Towns is a non profit organization focussed on educating and discussing the pros and cons of the way we have designed our towns and neighborhoods. Charles Marohn (Chuck) is a […]