Smart growth and water quality

Watch this video on growth and impacts upon the Chesapeake Bay.  Smart growth really is one answer.

9/5/13 Glendening sees discrepancy between houses we are building and the type buyers want

Governor Glendening described exactly what FoFC has been saying.  The infrastructure needs for a community that is more dense and walkable is less.  And that there is a disconnect between what will sell and what we are building in Frederick County.  FoFC inserted the photos below (they are not part of the FNP article). Glendening […]

State Planning Secretary corrects lobbyists (FNP letter to the editor)

No fangs in PlanMaryland I am writing in response to the May 4 column in The Frederick News-Post about lobbyists hired to “defang” PlanMaryland. PlanMaryland wasn’t “defanged,” as the lobbyist put it to the rural counties who retained him. It wasn’t “fanged” in the first place. And its framework has not changed from what was […]

Calling all eco-artists, deadline Friday March 23rd!

ART CONTEST FLYER 2012 apr 7 All entries must be received by Friday, March 23rd!  

Help clean Frederick County streams

Write a note to our legislators in Annapolis TODAY!

Concerned about our polluted water in Frederick County? Write your delegate this week!

              WE SUPPORT CLEAN WATER! The Chesapeake Bay and most of Maryland’s rivers and streams are contaminated, which is bad for public health and damages our economy. But for the first time, there is real power in the effort to clean up the Chesapeake Bay: Maryland and five other […]

Do you want a strong plan to clean up our local rivers and streams? If so, submit comments to Maryland officials by March 9th.

                                                            Attend a meeting to learn more:

MDE’s surface water quality report available for public review, 2/13-3/26; join public meeting Mar 12, 2012

Maryland Department of the Environment prepares its 2012 Integrated Report in compliance with Clean Water Act In compliance with Sections 303(d), 305(b), and 314 of the Clean Water Act, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) is announcing the availability of the Draft 2012 Integrated Report (IR) of Surface Water Quality for public review and […]

PlanMaryland now in implementation phase

Draft Planning Area Guidelines to help local governments prioritize actions The draft guidelines are intended to assist local governments in identifying PlanMaryland Planning Areas in their jurisdictions. The guidelines list the purpose and intent of each Planning Area, a recommended management approach, and location criteria. The guidelines also described the intended objectives of each Planning […]

Citizen shares cautionary tale about poor infrastructure planning and links to municipal bankruptcy

January 10, 2010 Board of County Commissioners of Frederick County, Maryland My name is Peter Currer and I am a new resident of Maryland and Frederick County.  I live at the new development, Linton at Ballenger Creek. First I want to congratulate Frederick County in general for having the planning skills and foresight to collect developer […]