Monrovia Town Center and the Remand Order

When things do not seem to make sense, something usually is amiss. Land Use Attorney, Michele Rosenfeld, offers the essence of the remand order in her letter to County Council President, Bud Otis. Her letter helps to clarify the importance of looking at all the facts and understanding the importance of the administrative record. Attorney Rosenfeld, […]

Water Watchers work to clean Rock Creek (FNP 10/31/14)

  By Lisa Troshinsky Special to the News-Post | Posted: Friday, October 31, 2014 2:00 am   Rock Creek — a small but polluted stream in Frederick — became cleaner on Oct. 25, thanks to the Clean Water Healthy Kids Campaign, an initiative of Friends of Frederick County and its partners Wells Fargo and the […]

Polluted county streams to blame for City’s drinking water contamination

In 2013 City of Frederick tap water violated federal health standards for carcinogenic chlorination byproducts.  Three of the 8 official sampling sites had contaminant levels above what is considered safe for drinking.  This health hazard is a result of polluted source water (streams, rivers, lake); it is not due to any deficiency on the part of the Frederick […]

2/8/13 FoFC opposes Del Clagett’s bill that stifles taxpayer voice about development projects

Published: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 Frederick lawmaker’s bill would limit challenges to developer pacts by Sherry Greenfield Staff writer A state delegate wants to make it more difficult to undo binding agreements between developers and the Frederick Board of County Commissioners to build hundreds of new homes and businesses…. …“Should Del. Clagett characterize his bill as […]

10-30-12 7pm Walkersville: Open Forum on New Charter v Current Commissioner form of Frederick County government


Map showing potential land use change in Point of Rocks

Current land use in Point of Rocks       Proposed land use change in Point of Rocks, MD

10-14-11 All eyes on the county’s Privatization Advisory Committee (PAC) and on the Partnerships and Efficiencies Committee (PEC)

PAC needs to watchdog PEC Letter to the Editor – originally published October 14, 2011 in the Frederick News Post Although the Board of County Commissioners removed Oliver Porter’s wholesale privatization scheme from consideration following public criticism over its deficiencies, their move to privatize county government continues.At the first substantive meeting of the Privatization Advisory […]

Proposals for land use change in Frederick County

Friends of Frederick County has analyzed the 194 proposals available for public reading at:  Frederick County Government website, Community Development page. Here is a summary of our findings:   Municipality Number of proposals Agriculture/open space properties requesting reclassification and rezoning  (acres) Agriculture/ open space properties requesting reclassification and rezoning for residential development (acres) approximate # […]

New timeline for privatization faster than Oliver Porter’s

Frederick County’s Partnership and Efficiencies Committee has released a new timeline regarding the BOCC’s move towards privatization. It can be found here. Also, seen below is a detached image of the timeline provided in that document: As seen in this timeline, and explained in slightly more detail within the original document, the final meeting of […]

07-19-11 FoFC speaks out on privatization

Friends of Frederick County has spoken out on privatization in Frederick County – read this position paper.  Summer intern and University of Maryland graduate student, David Boston, had a lot to say at the July 2011 public hearing: