Is poorly planned growth what you wanted from your county leaders?

The Frederick County Commissioners have approved or are discussing approval of over 7000 new dwellings, in many cases without appropriate plans for schools, roads, emergency services and other key infrastructure. We believe that our public officials should follow existing laws; in a growing number of cases that is not happening. FoFC is using the option […]

12-2011 Frederick City Begins Comprehensive Rezoning Process

Frederick City Begins Comprehensive Rezoning Process (to view entire map click on it) Frederick City’s Planning Department is accepting letters requesting zoning changes from property owners until Friday, January 27, 2012. The city will only accept requests for a zoning classification when the zoning change would be consistent with the land use designation as shown […]

Tonight (Monday, Oct 10th 7pm) FREE FILM and discussion: join others who care about our kids’ lunch food

WHEN: Monday evening, October 10th at 7pm WHERE: Maryland Ensemble Theater, 31 W. Patrick , downtown Frederick (basement theater of the FSK Hotel) WHAT: FREE documentary film Two Angry Moms followed by Judith Gordon, FCPS Farm-to-School Program director. In the documentary film Two Angry Moms, a pair of mothers team up in a movement to change the […]

03-07-2011 FNP letter to the editor: The downsides of development

I saw absolutely no reason to even consider repealing a portion of the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance that relates to schools. If developers are willing to “promise” that they will cover the cost of new school construction, then what was the point of repealing that part of the APFO? Our BoCC is supposed to act […]

03-02-2011 (FNP) Speakers: Ordinance repeal will crowd Frederick County schools

The Frederick County Commissioners voted 4-1 Tuesday to repeal the ordinance that has applied the county adequate public facilities schools test to certain properties in municipalities since November 2009. The ordinance was not applied in practice before several municipalities challenged its legality in December 2009. Petitions for judicial review of the ordinance were filed by […]

02-20-2011 FNP letter to the editor: Meddling with our APFO risky business

This letter is a comment on the recent vote to consider the repeal of Ordinance 09-28-532 by the Frederick County Commissioners. This vote took place on Tuesday, Feb. 8, and it passed 4-1. There is something deeply troubling about a Board of County Commissioners that would allow residential and commercial real estate developers to simply […]

10-07-2010 Citizen weighs in: renovating older schools critical for Frederick County students

A As a North Frederick Elementary School parent and member of the PTA Renovation Committee, I have been advocating for a new school for over three years. In a 1999 study, NFES was the worst-rated facility of all schools in the county. It’s only gotten worse in the ensuing 11 years. Testimony from NFES students […]

09-15-2010 Testimony of FHS principal on state of school and the importance of renovation

Remarks to Board of Education re: modernization – 9/15/10 Good evening and thank you for the opportunity to address you this evening.  I am Denise Fargo-Devine, principal of Frederick High School beginning my twenty-seventh year of service to FCPS as an administrator – all of which have been at Frederick High School. This means I’ve […]

The Myths, Truths and Facts about Residential Building in Frederick County

We often hear statements about growth and development in Frederick County that sound true- but that may be false.  Those falsehoods are often spoken by those with vested economic interests in having people believe them without question.  The problems associated with the “boom and bust” residential overbuilding in Frederick County have affected the lives of […]

Win BIG in the “Does FHS Need a Renovation?” PHOTO CONTEST

DOES FHS NEED A RENOVATION? Post up to 3 photos with brief text on facebook wall at: ( that show and tell why FHS needs a renovation. Become a facebook fan, and sign up for FoFC’s newsletter to see winning photo. Most convincing entry WINS  $30 OF RITA’S ICE CREAM Entries accepted no later than […]