Sprawl in Frederick County

Frederick County is experiencing sprawl at a rapid pace. The map below shows growth approved during 2012-2014, with much to more to be approved during this year. FoFC has worked hard over many years to educate and advocate for sound land use planning. The current Board of County Commissioners is not planning for the future. Take a look if you will at the schools, roads and watershed protection plans – they do not adequately serve the people nor the natural resource base. If you are concerned about taxes now, and including the “rain tax”, you should speak out against these developments until they are planned for adequately. For, if they go through as planned our taxes will go up- and that includes the rain tax since there will be much more inpervious surface and dirty water reaching our streams!

FoFC recognized that with this BOCC talk and reasons don’t work. We are using the law to try to enforce sound planning. We encourage citizens to participate, ask questions and join the lawsuits!
MAP-  Development Plans Including Monrovia