Friends’ Mission and Goals

Friends of Frederick County (FoFC) works to preserve the unique character, environment and quality of life in Frederick County, Maryland through public education, active civic engagement and government oversight.

FoFC works to meet three goals:

  • Curb urban sprawl to protect the environment by engaging citizens and community groups in the regional planning and the rezoning process. This work fosters understanding of the principles laid forth in the Frederick County 2010 Comprehensive Plan, and promotes those principles and subsequent ordinances to protect our waterways, and promote smart growth, energy efficiency and transit/pedestrian oriented design…
  • Maximize protection of our streams and rivers to ensure healthy quantity and quality for aquatic wildlife and vegetation through compliance with the EPA and Maryland State mandated “pollution diet”.
  • Permanently protect 100,000 acres of farmland in Frederick County.This activity includes working with land trusts in Frederick County, supporting workshops, helping with outreach to farmers supporting the Frederick County Economic Development office activities in support of Frederick County farmers and the buy local movement. Friends of Frederick County is exploring ideas for fostering the land preservation in Frederick County, and participating in Project Open Space lobbying efforts in Annapolis for statewide allocation of money for easement purchase in the county


Please join in our efforts!