Citizen concerned with Landsdale development precedent


Bad precedent

Originally published October 05, 2012

Recently, the Board of County Commissioners, by a predictable 4-1 vote, approved master plan changes to add over 1,100 houses to the rural Monrovia landscape. It is very unsettling to envision what a project of this scale will do to the area in terms of traffic, schools and infrastructure shortcomings since this change will have triple the impact of the original zoning.However, perhaps more frightening is the proposed Developer Rights and Responsibilities Agreement (DRRA) that gives the developers a legal agreement that binds the county for a period of 25 years. Really, a quarter of a century? Longer than a master plan? Longer than the period recommended by the state? Longer than the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance?Is it good government to lock future commissioners and planners into 25 years of traffic, school crowding and infrastructure issues?

Perhaps the same crystal ball that instituted a school mitigation fee that underperforms was used to arrive at this decision. Be aware, now that the first DRRA has been approved, developer lawyers will flood Winchester Hall with their requests for 25-year guarantees for taxpayer (government-funded) support for their projects.