6/04/15 FoFC weighs in on ethics in Frederick County

At the recent June 4, 2015 Ethics Task Force meeting FoFC submitted recommendations and considerations on the following topics under discussion by the Ethics Task Force: Conflict of Interest Code of Conduct Independent Ethics Commission Investigative Powers Enforcement Lobbying Provisions Campaign Finance and Public Ethics Law (and Ex parte) Financial Disclosure Ethics Education Read FoFC’s […]

Monrovia Town Center and the Remand Order

When things do not seem to make sense, something usually is amiss. Land Use Attorney, Michele Rosenfeld, offers the essence of the remand order in her letter to County Council President, Bud Otis. Her letter helps to clarify the importance of looking at all the facts and understanding the importance of the administrative record. Attorney Rosenfeld, […]

May 2nd Rock Creek clean up a success!

With 13 volunteers this Water Watchers teams collected much more trash than expected!  Go team.  Thanks to Pam and Heather for their wonderful coordination of the day’s event. To join future cleanups please send an email to:  waterwatchers@friendsoffrederickcounty.org

4/21 County Council to decide on Monrovia Town Center

Please read this message from RALE on the Monrovia Town Center: On April 21, the Council will decide how they will handle the remanded Monrovia Town Center case. There are still many unanswered questions about what the remand means for the Phase 1 approval, as well as the Development Rights and Responsibilities Agreement (DRRA) and […]

Volunteers needed – for just 2 hours!

Sprawl in Frederick County

Frederick County is experiencing sprawl at a rapid pace. The map below shows growth approved during 2012-2014, with much to more to be approved during this year. FoFC has worked hard over many years to educate and advocate for sound land use planning. The current Board of County Commissioners is not planning for the future. […]

18-April 2015 Calling all volunteers for Spring stream clean – up and tree planting

We invite you to be part of the Water Watchers clean up team! With generous support from Wells Fargo, Friends of Frederick County has launched the “Clean Water – Healthy Kids” campaign to clean streams, plant trees and help residents understand the connection between clean streams, drinking water, health and civic pride. Ask your family, […]

Smart growth and water quality

Watch this video on growth and impacts upon the Chesapeake Bay.  Smart growth really is one answer.

5/2 Water Watchers stream clean up!

Water Watchers hold one last clean up for the season.  Help protect your streams and drinking water.  Help make the home for aquatic animals a bit cleaner – and flow better. Saturday May 2nd 10-noon and noon -2 Location to be determined.

4/18 Water Watchers Earth Day Celebration

Come celebrate Earth Day with friends! Volunteers are the key to protecting our streams.  If we don’t pull out trash from streams, plant trees beside them, and identify stream sides that need more vegetation, who will?  So, this Earth Day give back! Saturday April 18th 10-noon and noon -2pm. Raffle prizes, food and more!  Location details forthcoming!