Public letter asking for clean tap water: sign this week!

Below is a citizen letter requesting our City mayor and aldermen to speak out for clean water on our behalf;  the letter gives you some explanation of the issue.  Will you add your name?  If so please respond to  with your name as you would like it printed.     And if so inclined, please share […]

Sign a letter to the Frederick City elected officials

Join us to request that our Frederick City elected officials voice their opposition to development in the Linganore Source Water Protection Area.  Water coming from that area makes up the majority of Frederick City’s tap water.  Read the letter.  If you wish to sign send your name as you want it printed to: Read the […]

8/24/13 FNP: New Market reconsiders annexation plans

                Read entire article here.

FoFC: facts on northern annexations

Annexation facts Originally published March 18, 2012 O In Sunday’s (March 4) letter regarding the Crum and Thatcher annexations and development the author says, “I feel if built as advertised it should help traffic and give added tax base to both the city and the county.” I don’t know what advertising the author refers to, […]

FNP: Commissioners ease Frederick County road improvement requirements

  Commissioners ease Frederick County road improvement requirements Originally published September 07, 2011  By Bethany Rodgers Frederick County commissioners Tuesday evening voted to ease portions of a law requiring builders to shoulder some financial burden for the increased traffic flow their developments would bring to area roads.Commissioners President Blaine Young said the changes would help […]

Blaine Young sends letter to county employees on privatizing their jobs

June 30, 2011  Board of County Commissioners President, Blaine Young, sent a letter to Frederick County employees with the next steps toward privatizing county government.

03/13/2011 FNP letter to the editor: Friends or not Friends — an easy call for taxpayers

Evidently in his Feb. 28 letter to The Frederick News-Post Mark Koehler was following the wisdom of Harry Truman, who once said, “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.” The issue in New Market is not the activities of Friends of Frederick County, but the town’s sprawling growth plan that will, in some form or […]

1-25-2011 17th Annual Environmental Legislative Summit addresses diversity of issues

If there is a bill related to your interest please get more information, check out which legislators sit on relevant committees, voice your support/concern to your delegate –    or to your senator. Protecting the Green Infrastructure Budget Offshore Wind: Good Jobs, Clean Power Watershed Protection and Restoration Act Building Energy Disclosure (page 1 of […]

January 20th @ 1pm: mega church appeal before the BOA

Let your voice be heard at the Board of Zoning Appeals hearing!

01-19-2011 Public hearing on GMC: large church impacts upon public health, safety and the environment

In 2008 Global Mission Church, with current perish in Silver Spring, announced its plan to expand to Frederick County , clear forest and farmland, to build a 140,000 ft 2 complex at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain.  This megachurch would be built on well and septic;  local residents and professionals alike have expressed concern that […]