10-10-11 Seven citizen groups address 194 land use change proposals with letter to the Frederick County Planning Commissioners

Download letter as pdf file here.      

New Market’s supplement to their growth plan and FoFC’s response

April 2011 New Market’s mayor and town council released a New Market Supplement to their Municipal Growth Element and Comprehensive Plan along with an analysis of traffic.  In July 2011   Friends of Frederick County submitted comments on the supplement to Mayor Burhans, as did the Maryland Department of Planning.  In October 2010 Dr Reid […]

03-05-2011 FNP: Friends of Frederick County wrongly vilified by New Market-area resident

This letter is in response to Mark Koehler’s Feb. 28 letter titled “Not Friends …” in which he takes to task Friends of Frederick County’s involvement in the politics of New Market. I, too, have a New Market mailing address, albeit not in the Town of New Market; however, I live very close to the […]

Frederick Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Planning Commission Decision to Deny Water/Sewer Plan for Mega-Church on Farmland

Global Mission Church, with current perish in Silver Spring, wants to expand to Frederick County , clear forest and farmland, to build a 140,000 ft 2 complex at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain.  This megachurch would be built on well and septic;  local residents and professionals alike have expressed concern that this development would greatly […]

FoFC Citizens Join to File Lawsuit Against Frederick City over Thatcher and Crum Annexations

On June 21 Friends of Frederick County announced that it would sue the city over the Crum and Thatcher annexations. “The legal move comes as more and more citizens have signaled their opposition to exploiting farmland for unnecessary commercial and residential development,”says Janice Wiles, Friends of Frederick County Executive Director. “Developers’ push to build on […]

Why DeAnnex the Crum and COPT/Thatcher Properties?

Download the Deannexation Petition for Charter Amendment Here! Friends of Frederick County Position on Crum and COPT/Thatcher Annexations into Frederick City We believe that our county and city should protect the Monocacy River corridor, productive farmland, scenic vistas, and a buffer between Frederick and Walkersville. At this time there is adequate development planned in the […]

Citizens Call For a Charter Amendment to Halt Costly Sprawl Development Along our National Scenic Byway

Friends of Frederick County launches a petition drive  for a charter amendment to change the boundaries of the City of Frederick, MD to exclude the Crum and Thatcher properties. In September 2009 the City of Frederick’s Mayor and Aldermen[1] voted to annex two farms along Route 15 north of Frederick City for 1200 new homes […]

04-13-2010 City and County to Meet Over City’s Sprawl Growth Plans

The Issue After established deadlines, HB 1141 (amending Article 66B) prohibits the annexation of  any property that is not included in a Municipal Growth Element.  This Growth Element must contain a detailed analysis of the growth impacts of annexing and developing properties in the municipality’s planned growth area. Prior to adopting this Growth Element, a […]

Point / Counterpoint on the Thatcher and Crum Annexations: Growth in Frederick City

Point/Counter Point: Growth Posted on 16 November 2009 Frederick City is poised to grow by more than 500 acres thanks to the recent annexation of two area farms, but the move remains controversial. While development advocate Bruce Dean, (left) a lawyer specializing in annexations with McEvoy & Dean, and other supporters say expanding the city’s […]

Sugar Loaf Mountain neighbor raises concern with Global Mission Church development

Letter via email to Rick Brace, Frederick County Planning and Zoning, December 7 2009 I live on the corner of Peach Tree and Comus Road in Clarksburg, Maryland.  Our home is a 1920s Cape Cod style farm house situated on just over two acres of land with a perfect birds-eye view of Sugar Loaf Mountain.  […]