Sprawl in Frederick County

Frederick County is experiencing sprawl at a rapid pace. The map below shows growth approved during 2012-2014, with much to more to be approved during this year. FoFC has worked hard over many years to educate and advocate for sound land use planning. The current Board of County Commissioners is not planning for the future. […]

FoFC questions who Frederick City leaders represent?

June 11, 2012   Meta Nash, Chairman Josh Bokee, Vice Chairman Elisabeth Fetting Richard L. Stup William Ryan – Alternate Member Alderman Kelly Russell – Secretary Dear Frederick City Planning Commissioners:   I am speaking tonight because we believe the citizens and taxpayers of Frederick City and County who are concerned with the Keller Farm annexation […]

Frederick City Growth Plan Map – showing areas of interest for annexation and development

Sign citizen letter expressing your concern with Keller Farm development

Click here to read background information on the Keller Farm annexation and development plans. CITIZENS FOR RESPONSIBLE GROWTH ALONG YELLOW SPRINGS ROAD [Letter to Frederick City elected officials] To whom it may concern: As residents living in the vicinity of the Keller Farm, we are writing to express our concern with the annexation and development plans […]

CIty of Frederick considering annexation of 302 acre Keller Farm, could build over 1000 new homes

The following entities  have petitioned the city (annexation petition) to annex the 302 acre Keller Farm into its boundaries for development, and on which 4 houses/acre are proposed for build out: Rand D Weinberg, Esquire, Law Offices of Rand Weinberg, LLC, the Keller Corporation, the Martha W Keller Family Partnership LLLP, Yankee Land Trust, Edward M […]

New Market’s supplement to their growth plan and FoFC’s response

April 2011 New Market’s mayor and town council released a New Market Supplement to their Municipal Growth Element and Comprehensive Plan along with an analysis of traffic.  In July 2011   Friends of Frederick County submitted comments on the supplement to Mayor Burhans, as did the Maryland Department of Planning.  In October 2010 Dr Reid […]

03/13/2011 FNP letter to the editor: Friends or not Friends — an easy call for taxpayers

Evidently in his Feb. 28 letter to The Frederick News-Post Mark Koehler was following the wisdom of Harry Truman, who once said, “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.” The issue in New Market is not the activities of Friends of Frederick County, but the town’s sprawling growth plan that will, in some form or […]

03-05-2011 FNP: Friends of Frederick County wrongly vilified by New Market-area resident

This letter is in response to Mark Koehler’s Feb. 28 letter titled “Not Friends …” in which he takes to task Friends of Frederick County’s involvement in the politics of New Market. I, too, have a New Market mailing address, albeit not in the Town of New Market; however, I live very close to the […]

Homes in more traditional communities tend to hold value better than those built as sprawl

  A new report released from Smart Growth Maryland has findings that may surprise you…     homes inside the priority funding areas (PFAs), located in more traditional communities and designated growth areas, fared better economically than the homes that were built

Costs to county taxpayers for school needs in New Market growth plan: $10 million for school construction and $7 million/year for operations

Recently approved New Market Plan includes 3 Annexations that will double town size and triple its population With the approval of the New Market Municipal Growth Element (MGE), the Town of New Market is now able to annex the Delaplaine, Ganley and Smith/Cline farms.  These annexations would more than double the size of the Town  from about 434 […]