FoFC testifies against the Monrovia Town Center

Testimony about the Planned Urban Development Amendment for the Monrovia Town Center (PUD R-12-02);  Public Hearing before the Planning Commission 10/23/2013     Good evening Frederick County Planning Commissioners:   I am Janice Wiles, Executive Director for Friends of Frederick County, a working to protect taxpayers and citizens through good planning, and environmental protections in […]

9/5/13 Glendening sees discrepancy between houses we are building and the type buyers want

Governor Glendening described exactly what FoFC has been saying.  The infrastructure needs for a community that is more dense and walkable is less.  And that there is a disconnect between what will sell and what we are building in Frederick County.  FoFC inserted the photos below (they are not part of the FNP article). Glendening […]

COMING SOON: 1735 new homes in Linganore, more cars more new students; are we prepared?

Tuesday June 18th, 2013 Public Hearing on Eaglehead Planned Urban Development (PUD) and 25 year DRRA with Board of County Commissioners, Winchester Hall, 12 E Church St. Frederick Wednesday May 22nd, 2013  Public Hearing on Eaglehead PUD and 25 year DRRA with Planning Commission, Winchester Hall, 12 E Church St. Frederick Find out more… OLD NEWS March 4, 2013  “Town Hall […]

05/14/13 With more wind energy, PJM could save us $7 billion per year

A study by Americans for a Clean Energy Grid and Synapse Energy Economics shows that Wind Energy may not be as “expensive” as what is generally thought: “PJM Interconnection (the power grid Maryland and 13 other starts are a part of) could save its customers $6.9 billion if it more than doubled the amount of wind energy […]

4/24 Planning Commission to discuss Westview South MXD

  New development planned for the north and south sides of Executive Way, south of Frederick, between Buckeystown Pike and New Design Road.  There will be 122,500 square feet of employment use and a maximum of 615 dwelling units (approx. 255 single-family and 360 multifamily) type products (apartments, two-over-twos, condos), or any variation of dwelling […]

3/13/13 Tomorrow: join the biggest fracking rally Maryland has ever seen!

From the Maryland League of Conservation Voters: As some of you already know, the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs committee voted narrowly 6-5 last week against the Maryland Hydraulic Fracturing and Right to Know Act of 2013.  However, this is not the end of the movement. If we’re going to win a moratorium on fracking […]

03/05/13 LTE – Will they pay?

I read with interest last week’s article about Friends of Frederick County lawsuits. I am a taxpayer living in Frederick County and highly supportive of Friends’ hard work to keep our elected officials working within the law.   The local government could save lots of money by not defending plans that are ill conceived and burdensome to existing taxpayers. […]

2/20/13 Citizen majority bay wide support clean up efforts and clean water

Marylanders support bay cleanup Originally published February 20, 2013 Recent letters have commented about efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay. Stephen Seawright, past president of the Frederick County Building Industry Association, pointed out that an 80 percent majority of our current elected county commissioners are disinclined to support these local efforts. But he failed […]

2/14/13 Environmental Groups Stand Together Against HB 256

* 1000 Friends of Maryland * Maryland League of Conservation Voters * Clean Water Action * Citizens for the Preservation of Middletown Valley * Friends of Frederick County * Montgomery Countryside Alliance * * R.A.L.E Monrovia * Audubon Naturalist Society * Maryland Conservation Coalition * Eastern Shore Land Conservancy *Envision Frederick   February 14, 2013 Testimony […]

2/12/13 Clagett’s proposed bill to hurt citizens more than help

Clagett’s bill proposes to eliminate the option for citizens to challenge binding contracts between Frederick County Government and developers (DRRAs) at the Frederick County Board of Appeals. This leaves the only option for citizen’s to challenge DRRAs by taking it to the Frederick County Circuit Court. Friends of Frederick County stresses the importance of keeping […]